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“Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.”

Audrey Hepburn
Hey Girlies! 
How ya’ll doin? I have been busy shifting jobs and guess what? I have entered the fashion industry and working with a designer! Who? Surprise Surprise! Its amazing when you get to work for what you absolutely love. Anyway, moving ahead! Those retro Midi Skirts are back in fashion. Gone are the days when midi skirts were worn with scarfs around the necks and varsity jackets! That tooo was an amazing look of the time but in this season midi’s are making its way back with a new look. 
These voluminous midi skirts look stunning and can be styled with bold prints, crop tops, elegant Celine tops with statement necklace and what not. In the past, midi skirts were worn with heels but this season they are being worn with pointed flats and trainers transforming the whole look. If you are in for a party then wear the midi with a crop top or corset and a beautiful statement necklace styled with pumps. In case you want to wear it to office, you can wear a shirt under a light sweater. 
I got my very first midi skirt from this online store called ‘Being Flawless’. They have these amazing midi skirts in various colors and patterns. Check out their store for more (details at the bottom). So I styled my midi with a white corset, big polka dots retro bag and kitten heels. 
Here are the pictures 🙂


What I Wore:
Midi Skirt: Being Flawless
Polka Dots Bag: Forever 21
Corset: Delhi Street Shopping
Kitten Heels: Charles $ Keith

You can check out Being Flawless Store at http://instagram.com/beingflawless14

Hope you girls liked the post! XoXo

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