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“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” 
― Coco Chanel

Hey Peeps! 
My today’s post is about a fashion line called AKIRA- Graceful Strength by Anindita Sinha. I came across her fashion line and couldn’t help falling in love with it. Akira is a niche, elegant and exclusively versatile line of fashion clothing. Anindita’s recent collection is called Minimal which is simple yet stylish and comfortable. The best part about her line is that every new collection has something new to look forward to. The collection she is coming out with this fall has amazing detailed work and designing as compared to the minimal look, giving you the bliss of pure elegance. You can check out Akira’s website (links at the bottom) and they ship worldwide. I picked out two of my most favorite outfits from her last collection and featuring them on my blog. 
Here are the pictures!

This emerald green and gold embellished evening dress is my most favorite pieces among all. I absolutely love the color, one shoulder design and the slit that goes right up till the lower waist. This fabulous piece is worth Rs.4000. Its a real steal!

 This black front and back cut out maxi dress is another piece I am in love with. I adore the cut out design at the back. It looks stunning when styled with accessories and perfect pair of pumps. The cut outs make this simple maxi dress look elegant and sexy. This outfit is worth Rs.3800.

Do check out Akira’s website to see all the outfits and have a look at their Look Book to know ways in which you can style those mind boggling outfits! Like their Facebook page for all the updates and find out about the next collection coming up soon!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Much love!

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