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Visit Abu Dhabi

Hola! Coming from an Army Background and having a super adventurous father I have travelled  a lot and it’s something I would love to keep doing till I die! I recently partnered up with Visit Abu Dhabi and travelled to Abu Dhabi to experience all it’s wonders. I was there for a three day trip … Continue reading “Visit Abu Dhabi”


The Dark Night

Hey Guys! I am crazy about music and it literally defines my life. I related each song with a phase or with a special memory of my life. And this is why I love listening to music all the freaking time. Oh and in case you haven’t noticed, I married a singer! This is the … Continue reading “The Dark Night”


Preserve Your Youth

Hey Guys! Winter is finally here. I can’t really stand the cold but I absolutely love layering up warm winter clothes and I hope you guys know that we don’t just need to change our clothes, we also need to change our skin care routine to cater to our moisturization needs in the season. Also, … Continue reading “Preserve Your Youth”


Your Best Diwali Gift!

Hola! So festive season is here and I am so excited! All the shopping during this season makes me go crazy! I love the new collection in the market during this season and everything is so bright & bling! Also, this is the time when most brands launch something new and it’s the perfect time … Continue reading “Your Best Diwali Gift!”


The Lalit Resort & Spa, Bekal

Hola! Now that we’ve officially ooh-ed and ahh-ed into the tail-end of summers in Delhi, we’re looking for a vacation in some place cool and calm where life moves hand-in-hand with us, instead of one running after the other, and we think we’ve stumbled upon just the place! Because you’ll find most of Delhi huddled … Continue reading "The Lalit Resort & Spa, Bekal"



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