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If you guys have been following me since the beginning then you would know that I have always loved applying thick kajal and eyeliner. And a lot of you guys suggested that I should try looks without kajal and do something different. Well change is always good and so I decided to create this non black kajal look more often and I am pretty much loving myself like this.

I am wearing white kajal and have highlighted the lower lid of my eyes a lot. The mascara then adds to the look and gives a very fresh and doll like appearance. I have no idea why I was so scared to try the look before but I am glad I did and thank you so much guys for giving your valuable suggestions. There are things on social media that hurt an influencer because of the way they are said. But a constructive criticism is always welcomed and if you guys pay attention, I do take into account most of your suggestions. I absolutely loved wearing sunglasses in all pictures, you guys saw too much of it so now I barely wear them. I looked down in most of my pictures, but now I an eye contact. I had open hair in most of my pictures but now I try braids and ponytails! But the biggest change has to be leaving kohl! Haha I am sure you guys are going to find the new look a little different suddenly as non of you are used to of seeing me without kohl but you’ll get used to it and love it more!

I shot these images for the new perfume by Ferrari which bdw is pretty incredible and I for sure have always loved men’s perfumes! This was just recently launched and I can’t wait to gift it to Parleen.

Anyway, coming onto the outfit, I am wearing a zipped leather full sleeves body suit from Shein along with black leather shorts from Forever 21. I love how sexy the outfit looks when I put it all together along with shiny black ankle boots from H&M! If you want to see a makeup tutorial on this look then do comment below!

Enjoy the pictures!

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