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So festive season is here and I am so excited! All the shopping during this season makes me go crazy! I love the new collection in the market during this season and everything is so bright & bling! Also, this is the time when most brands launch something new and it’s the perfect time to shop everything! Oppo just launched its #OPPOF3 in the colour Red! It’s a limited edition phone and is a perfect gift for this Diwali!
I got my hands on the phone and trust me it looks gorgeous! It’s for someone who is young at heart and bold. The red OPPO has a very distinctive and unique red colour which has been decided after trying out several shades of red. I have been saying this since a while now that Red is definitely the colour of festive season. And therefore this festive season OPPO F3 Red edition makes a perfect gift.
This one is identical in specifications to the original OPPO F3. It has the same wide angle selfie camera perfect for group selfies and therefore this festive season you can squeeze in all of your friends in one frame! When I buy a phone, I make sure that the camera is of amazing quality. Being a blogger, I click so many pictures through phone only and DSLR’s are too big to carry everywhere. Having used so many phones in the past, I can tell you guys that OPPO F3 has one of the best cameras among the phones in this price range.
Also, if you love taking selfies like I do, OPPO F3 along with its famous wide angle selfie mode has beauty mode which smoothens the image to make you look flawless. No matter how you look, the beautify mode will definitely charm you. The size of the phone is also just perfect. The big black front along with the red back makes the phone look very sporty and edgy too. With all the bling you are going to be sporting this festive season, a red phone will definitely go with everything! And trust me, phones are the biggest fashion accessories right now. No matter where we go, we carry it with us and everyone can see it so why not carry something that goes with our personality!
Here are some pictures of the new OPPO F3 Red Limited Edition phone! Enjoy!











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