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Hey guys!
I come from the army background and I have always seen my dad and other officers
paying utmost importance to appearance which includes dressing up neatly on the job
and otherwise too. Also, coming from an Army background ensured that I travel to a lot of
untouched places. I have stayed at places like Ladakh in -20 degrees and all thanks to my
dad, I have had a very adventurous childhood. My love for traveling is just increasing
more and more with time and I am already packing for my next trip! I am not telling you
where I am going as it is a surprise but it’s a fun trip with a girlfriend of mine. I thought of
doing a Pack with me blog for you to see how I organize my suitcase and maybe by the
clothes I keep, you’ll be able to guess where I am off to!
The first thing I do is that I make sure to start packing by keeping all of the essentials in
different organizers and pouches. I make sure to keep all my chargers together in a pouch
along with makeup in a separate bag with compartments so that I can easily find what I
need! I bought a different set of organizers online to keep my ironed clothes folded in a
neat way so that after I reach my destination, I am able to wear my clothes without
worrying about the creases. I start by picking out my favorite clothes that I am going to
wear according to the number of days and requirement. Make sure that you pick just
enough clothes as you don’t want to carry a heavy suitcase and neither should you get
stuck at the airport due to overweight baggage.
After I pick what I need to wear, I meticulously iron all of my clothes. I have been using
the Bajaj Majesty MX 30 steam iron which helps to easily ironing the clothes in a crisp
manner leading to great first impressions. I am a very finicky person when it comes to
ironing. I need to make sure that my clothes are properly ironed and not shabby. Properly
ironed clothes leave a great first impression and I would never want to roam around in
creased clothes specially on a vacation. Pictures for me are super important and that
includes me wearing clothes that are properly ironed. After ironing, I fold the clothes
neatly and start packing in the organizers. I roll some of the ironed clothes and pack as
that keeps certain materials from creasing.
I make sure to keep all of my shoes in separate shoe bags so that my other clothes and
shoes don’t get dirty. Also, I got a super cute hard case for my camera so that it doesn’t
bend and protects the camera. So this is it! Let me know if you could guess where I am off to!

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