Celebrating Valentine's Day With Swarovski


Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewelry that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions. 
-Karen Elson

Hey there!
So February is here and it’s a super special month because I got married in last Feb and it’s our First Anniversary on 21st Feb. Me and my Husband Parleen are super crazy and we dated for 5 years before getting married. Feb is not just special because of my anniversary, it is also special because of Valentines Day! February is the month of love and I am sure most of you girls must be looking forward to that special day when you can dress up and look all pretty for your loved ones. 
I thought of doing a Valentine’s Day blog in advance to help you girls in picking out the perfect jewelry and outfit for your date. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, you can have your best friend as your Valentine or go out with your friends and family for a wonderful day. It’s just a day full of positive vibes and lots of love! I always associate Valentine’s Day with Red colour and I am sure most of you do too. For the same reason, I picked a gorgeous red gown which has a little slit and gives a lovely fitting. I blowdried my hair to give volume and then curled the ends using a straightener. For makeup, I did a little dramatic look with lots of highlight at my high points and bold red lips. 
Moving on to the most important part of my whole look, it’s the jewelry! I have been obsessed with Swarovski jewelry since forever. My parents always gift me something from Swarovski on my birthday and Parleen also makes sure to get something from Swarovski on special occasions. I absolutely love their elegant and timeless pieces. Swarovski just came up with The Valentines Day Collection and it’s absolutely breathtaking. You can check out the collection here! The collection is very delicate and serves as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one too. I picked up some of my favourite pieces and thought of styling them with my outfit. I love how the new collection has tiny trinkets and red hearts. 
I layered up the necklaces with heart and key symbols to give in a little dressier look. I am wearing studded Swarovski earrings along with golden and silver crystal rings and 3 different bracelets. I love layering up different delicate pieces when I am in the mood of really dressing up and other than that, I love wearing one piece each with simple outfits. The best part about The Valentine’s Day Collection by Swarovski is the simplicity, elegance and the meaningful design. I love how the crystal key symbol is used with the lock which says that you have the key to my heart. Go through the collection here and I would love to hear about your favourite pieces in the comment section below. 

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Valentine's Day With Swarovski”

  1. You and Parleen hv always been mah favourites ones�� And now since u guys are married so its obvious that you both are and will aways be the best couple in the entire world����well about ur blog den Thankyou so mch dear for such posts and letting us know about each n everythng��love u freva�� staybless❤

  2. Hey! You both are awesome together.
    And the bracelets looks so delicate and beautiful. Adore this look of urs. Can u tell us where did u get that red gown from? Its valentine perfect.

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