Hubby bought a new SuperBike: Benelli 600i


Hi there,
So I have been super busy with my YouTube Channel, Pretty Little Things  It’s actually a lot of work to shoot regular video, editing them and sharing them on schedule. But I promise to blog more often now and talk to you guys about everything that we never shoot a video for. So me and my husband bought our first Sports Bike day before and I thought of doing this blog post for you to share some pictures. 
I have always been a crazy bike fan. My dad used to be a rally racer and he always wanted to teach me how to ride bikes and drive everything possible including the huge army ALS trucks. He taught me how to ride a pulsar when I was in 8th grade. Imagine! I could barely touch my toes to the ground but I took my younger brother around on the bike for a good short trip. Adventurous eh? My dad was never scared of making me do things and always had faith that I can do it. Then I met my husband Parleen who I started dating in 2011 and he was another bike freak. One big part of me liked Parleen because he had the same craziness like my dad. 2-3 months after we started dating when I was 19, he started making me ride his bike and he would just sit behind me. There was a point of time when both my dad and Parleen wanted me to buy a bike but I bought a car because in the end no matter how crazy and adventurous I get, I am a girl. 
Anyway, so almost 6 years down the line me and Parleen are married and we just got our very first sports bike, Benelli 600i. Trust me when I tell you that it’s been 3 days and Parleen just doesn’t want to sit in a car. We both got the bike home, got ready and went for a long ride to the outskirts of  Pune. There we had a huge plain stretch of land from where you could see  mountains on one side and from the other side you could see the whole Pune City! 
We clicked a couple of pictures there and I thought of sharing them with you because I really like them. P.s these were clicked by my brother in law Gagan and edited by me. I wore a leather jacket from Zara over a plain black tank top along with a broad choker, high waist studded Diesel denims, black fur gloves, Reflector sunnies from Aldo and wedge sneakers from Adidas. 
Enjoy the pictures! Xoxo

Hope you guys enjoyed the blog! Please don’t forget to comment below and let me know if you want more blogs about me and Parleen. 
Cya next time! 

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