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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. 
-Saint Augustine
Hi there!
So being an Army kid, I have always loved traveling and my dad is crazy about randomly picking us up and going for long drives to discover new places. My husband, Parleen also travels a lot all over the world but majorly for work as he is a singer and he has concerts at different places. I always wanted to travel with him ever since the time we started dating 5.5 years back and now that we are married, he took me to one of his international shows. We went to Singapore from where we boarded the Star Cruise, Gemini and we sailed on it for a week before docking back in Singapore. Since me and Parleen just completed 6 months of our Wedding today, I thought of sharing our travel diary with you guys. 
The Cruise Ship was huge and it was so much fun. I have never been on a ship before and being on in for a week straight was amazing. We had amazing food, nice cafe, many entertaining activities like water zumba, d.j parties at night, drama shows and then of course Parleen’s show was there. I was the official photographer for him at the show so I was busy covering everything. It’s like a fairytale to have your husband perform and sing like that and dedicate songs to you on the stage. I fall in love with him a little more every time I see him perform. You can check out his Youtube Channel Here! We had a super cute cabin in the ship with a window view which was to die for. Every morning I would wake up and go open the curtains to see the beautiful vast ocean. We actually barely slept that one week, we would just have our drinks, sit on the deck, take long walks across the ship and then stare at the water for hours under the moonlight. People following me on my Snapchat (lachicalocablog) would know that 😀
It was truly magical! Our ship docked thrice and once we got off at a pretty place in Malaysia called Penang. The place had beautiful architecture with everything being white. It looked absolutely amazing. Me and Parleen clicked a lot of pictures together for celebrating our 6 months together as a married couple and here are some of them. 

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