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are you all doing?
of you guys have been asking me about the features of Samsung Gear S2 on my
social media.  Since I have been using the watch for a while now, and I
have pretty much tried out all the features (yes, I’m THAT obsessed with it!),
I thought of doing a blog post for you guys about the Top 5 Features of this wearable.
the many features of Gear S2, here are my 5 best features that I have been using
pretty much every day: 
Music App 
music app in Samsung Gear S2 let’s you play music by one touch of your finger.
It’s so convenient to have Gear S2 on your wrist and start playing music in a
fraction of a second. I am a big music freak and I listen to music all day
long. I can’t work or run without a track, so this feature of Gear S2 is really
helpful for me. 
2. Calendar and Reminders 

You can sync your phone with Samsung Gear S2 and all your events,
birthdays, appointments and everything that fits your calendar would be right
there on your wrist. I am a big dope when it comes to remembering birthdays and
other dates so I need someone to remind me everything. Samsung Gear S2 makes
sure to remind me of all important dates and things that I need to do. 
3. Calorie Meter

Ever since the wedding, I have been eating so much! My parents in
law are making sure to pamper me with all things sweet and making me eat all
day long. My Samsung Gear S2 helps me monitor my diet and tells me how many
calories I have consumed in a day. It’s super convenient to know how many
calories I had so that I can push myself to go running later and don’t turn
into a baby elephant!
4. Caffeine and Water

Okay so there is a thing with me that I barely have any water at
all. I know how important water is but I genuinely don’t remember to have water
and I instead have coffee or other liquids. My Samsung Gear S2 makes sure to
keep a count on my water and coffee intake. Every time I look at it, I feel the
need of going and having water  and my
coffee consumption has also reduced!

5. Heart Rate and Workout Monitoring 
For all you freak who love gyming and working out, this watch is
pretty apt for you. It really helps that this wearable can help you monitor
your heart rate. I always check my heart rate before and after working out.

The watch also tells me how much workout have I done and how many
steps I walked in a day. Even if you are super lazy, this feature will make you
want to get up and become active. When you see how inactive you have been the
whole day, you’ll definitely want to get up and do something. 

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