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Be The Kind Of Woman That Makes Other Girls Step Up Their Game

Hey Girls!
I wanted to discuss a very important topic today. Us girls in today’s world are very independent and we can do everything that a man can do. We have the vision, we can multi task, we are hard working and we are good in most things men aren’t. So why do we let ourselves go low during those 5 days of the month where our body cleanses itself to create a new life sometime in future? I have come across so many girls who are absolutely amazing and full of energy throughout but when they get down, they lose their confidence and hold themselves back. I believe that we should be unstoppable no matter what and we shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and lose our confidence just because we are down. We can do so much in those 5 days if we take care of our hygiene, know about the best superior quality of sanitary napkin and work towards achieving our dreams. 
Did you girls hear about the revolutionary new pad from Whisper which offers 5 times more protection than ordinary pads to enable women to be truly unstoppable? I am a loyal whisper buyer and nothing made me happier to try out this 5 times better pad to make me #OwnThose5Days. I recently got married and drove down all the way from Delhi to Pune and trust me I feel proud of myself for now letting myself down for even a bit just because I was down. Because of the all new Whisper, I have this unstoppable confidence and now nothing can stop me from doing the things I want to do. So take it from me girls, make yourself proud and don’t let anything stop you ever! #OwnThose5Days with 5 times better Whisper! 
Do check out the video below by Whisper which features women achievers like Ashwini Ponnappa, Ace Badminton Player, Ayesha Aziz, Youngest Indian Female Pilot, and Anahita Dhondy, Youngest Female Chef. The video is very inspirational and shows how all of them have been unstoppable in all aspects of their life. These women have proved themselves as achievers in male dominant fields and they didn’t waver even a bit in those 5 days of the month. They truly #OwnThose5Days.  

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