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Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia and draws inspiration from the best of the past.

-Lana Del Rey
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So I went shopping the other day and saw that all brands have come up with their Autumn Winter Collection’15! I loved checking out the gorgeous new stuff and I specifically loved outfits by Elle Fashionwear. The latest collection by Elle Fashionwear is called Elle Fashion Fusion. Since Elle understands that the new generation is all about adopting one of more styles or picking
traits of each that suit them most.
Elle Fashion Fusion features mixes like; Luxury Heritage (City meets Country), Snow (Delicate meets Powerful), Neo-Tribalism (Modern meets Native) and Utility Chic (Feminine meets Military). 

I love how this French brand is serving us true colors of Paris with a flair that few brands are capable of. I think that Elle Fashionwear always has a very elegant and versatile collection. I have always loved their clothes and this Autum Winter is collection is just amazing. You are going to see a lot of mix of prints, amazing patterns and some of the coolest leather jackets. I am a crazy fan of leather jackets and I think the latest collection of Elle has the best  designs. 

I thought of wearing an outfit from their latest collection and giving you guys a little sneak peek of Elle Fashion Fusion. I am wearing a pair of slightly rugged denims from the latest collection along with a full sleeves crop top. Not only does Elle Fashionwear have great dresses, they have amazing pair of denims too. I love the look of the denims and they fit like a dream. These light pair of denims look goof with almost everything and I couldn’t help myself from pairing them up with this cute orangish top. 

To complete the look I styled this outfit with my new Nike Womens Dunks along with a pair of classic RayBan’s avaiators. I hope you liked the sneak peek. I will be back again with another outfit post from their latest collection real soon. Don’t forget to hit Elle Fashionwear stores and check out their amazing new collection!  

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