Drama Queen!


I think I was always a drama queen. I really, really, really loved playing pretend.

-Kathryn Hahn
Hey Girlies! 
I should warn you that this post is very girly and has a lot of pink. The make up is inspired from the Sculpt Look that Nargis Fakhri was sporting for Masaba Gupta’s outfit at the Lakme Fashion Week. Well I do love pink and I believe that most girls associate themselves with pink and it’s an absolutely happy and pretty color. Also all girls are drama queens though their intensity may vary. I love being a drama queen when it comes to things I want. If I have my eye on something, I want it. And if I want something then I want it now. 
For this particular post I chose a Barbie Paris Hilton set-up where I am covered with bling, pink color, candies, Victoria secrets and bows. I think all girls go through different phases in life and I had this phase where I was all girly and liked pink but then during graduation I was all goth, listened to Marilyn Manson music and wore everything black. Though I am more balanced right now but every once in a while I like to be my girly self and be all adorable. 
I came across this wonderful line of handbags called the DRAMA QUEEN HANDBAGS. I  completely love their name and relate so much with it. Their bags are customized to what you love and they make sure to make you happy by providing the best service and the most adorable packaging. I picked up two of my favourite bags from them that I really wanted to show you girls. The first one is a hard box clutch with all bling bling on it. It’s perfect for all the parties and looks amazing during dinners or when you go to clubs. It has a golden sling chain inside and you can hang it across your shoulder. The other one is my current favourite as it’s so much in fashion. A fringe bag is all you need with all your casual day to day outfits. I got a black fringe suede leather bag from them and boy I am in love with it. I have been carrying it around everywhere nowadays. 
Do check out their Instagram page here to get a look at their huge collection. Coming onto the outfit that I am wearing in the post, I teamed up my ripped denim short skirt with a sleeveless white sequin top and a grey racer back top. Everyone should have a basic short denim skirt that matches up with almost everything. This one is pretty old. I guess I was in 11th grade when I picked it up from a random store in Hyderabad. I am wearing a cute bow headband and guess what? I made it. I should make a DIY post for all you girls who like making bows and headbands. So many of my Instagram followers have been asking me to do that. 
Have a look at the pictures below and don’t forget to check out Drama Queen Handbags! 

This was such a fun shoot. I love all the pink and bling. Even the makeup it uber pink just like barbies. And I hope you liked the bags as much as I did!

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