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‘I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.’ – Whitney Houston
Hi there!
I am so excited. There are a lot of new posts coming up on my blog soon. This one is a quick post on of of the outfits I wore few days back. This is a perfect street style look that you can sport anytime. Plaids are in fashion right now but not for long. I decided to wear my favourite plaid shirt one more time before the summer is here. This shirt looks best i winters only and the one I am wearing in woolen though it was very sunny and warm outside so I managed to tie it around my waist. I got this cute little red plaid skirt when I was in 10th Standard and had gone to Houston, Texas for a vacation. I still love that skirt. Yes! I still wear clothes from my childhood. Though I misplaced it and need to get inside my trunk full of clothes to find it. Whenever I get inside the old trunks to get my clothes out and see son many clothes with tags still on them, I don’t go shopping for a very very long time. 
I had this phase where I went on a shopping spree buying only corsets. They look absolutely amazing! I was in Pune back then and managed to get couple of really pretty corsets that I still love wearing. This is one of those corsets. It’s made of velvet, lace and has a long tie-up with a satin ribbon. If you are not comfortable wearing it without any straps the just pin it up with our bra. It becomes very comfortable then and you wont feel that it’s going to fall off. I also always wanted a pretty big hat. I got one of those from Forever 21 during the last sale. Though I feel that it’s not suiting me so much. Maybe I should try straight hair with it. I am wearing my very comfortable wedge sneakers, leather backpack and since I was traveling, I picked up my matching Beats Studio headphones. To complete the look, I wore my Mickael Kors watch and a leather studded wrist band. 
You must have noticed I never wear any earrings. I like keeping my accessories bare minimum. I rarely wear a necklace and never wear any earrings. I do like wearing rings and pretty bracelets/ wrist bands. 
Here are the pictures!

Denims: Forever 21
Sneakers: Promod
Plaid Shirt: Vero Moda
Corset: Pune
Headphones: Beats by Dr. Dre
Hat: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Studded wrist band: Punk Rock
Hope you girls enjoyed the post! Keep checking in for more updates.
Love ya’ll !

3 thoughts on “Plaid Amore!”

  1. I love how the look came together as soon as you paired it with that hat and now I want that hat <3 Actually I feel like buying everything you wear 😛 Those sneakers!! I will definitely pick up on if I see them at forever 21, or Promod. I don't think so I will be comfortable wearing a corset though, something about it just makes me really uncomfortable. And I still cant over the fact that you STILL fit into your childhood cloths, whaaa? That's crazy. Also, I know how you feel when digging up old cloths. Love that feeling. I still try on some stuff just to see if it still fits me.

    Debasree // ALL SHE NEEDS

    1. Hey Debasree! M so glad you liked the outfit. If you ain't comfortable wearing a corset then try it with a good fitting open shirt. It looks very smart. And yes do get those sneakers! They look really cool. If you want really reasonable ones then check our They sell pretty cheap but the only catch is that they take 2 months to deliver.

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