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“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

-Yves Saint-Laurent 
Hey Peeps!
So new years even is arriving. What are your plans? If you ask me, I would love to stay in my bed, watch a good movie and have pizza. It so cold outside. Anyway, I know my family is going to end up taking me out. So girls if you want to look flawless on new years eve and have that uneven skin look perfect, then you gotta try this new product I found. I generally don’t blog about beauty products but since I found this extremely nice and would help you look pretty with those gorgeous outfits ya’ll must have picked for the party, I thought of enlightening you about this product.
TruSelf Organics sent me this detoxifying facial mask this week all the way from Michigan. At first I was not sure how it would be, I barely use anything on my face. After reading that it is organic and contains a blend of natural clays that drawing out toxins and bacteria from deep within the skin, I couldn’t resist. They sent me the product in a very cute packaging with bright blue color. I am one person who gets attracted to a packaging a lot and this one won my heart.
You gotta take a little bit of powder mask in a bowl, mix it with equal amount of water. Mix it and apply evenly on your face. Keep it on for few minutes till it gets dry and then wash it off with luke warm water. Feel your skin! Its feels unbelievably soft and smooth. Since I have a problem of open pores on my skin, this mask even made my skin pores visibly smaller. It also helps in instantly restoring your skin from acne, scars, discolorations and unevenness. Isn’t it awesome?!
You can order it online on their website here and it costs about $19.50 which makes Rs. 1300. Sounds pretty reasonable to me compared to what they are providing us with. Guys, I am sure you can try it on too. Do check out their website for more products. The mask works best when used with
TruSelf Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser and Clear Skin Oil-Free Moisturizer in a 3 step kit!

Hope you guys found this post useful and would end up using this product and do give me your feedback. Lots of love. 

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