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Why Styling Your Hair Isn’t As Hard As It Looks

Hola! How are you guys doing? I’ve been traveling sooo much! 2018 has been amazing. I barely stayed in Pune for a couple of days last month. A lot of people ask me about how do I take care of my hair when it goes through so much of change in water and different weather … Continue reading “Why Styling Your Hair Isn’t As Hard As It Looks”


Plan A Trip To Mauritius

 One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. -Henry Miller Hola! I have been reading an amazing book called Ikigai which is about Japanese secret to a long and happy life. It talks about how you need to find your purpose in life which is your Ikigai and mine … Continue reading “Plan A Trip To Mauritius”


Explore Canada- Niagara and Toronto

Hola! So I have been traveling a lot and I am truly enjoying it! I recently went to Canada with Explore Canada as my partner and explored some amazing places. I am going to divide the Canada Experience in 2 separate blogs for you to know all details about my trip. We took Air Canada … Continue reading “Explore Canada- Niagara and Toronto”


Bath & Bubbles

Hola! How are you guys doing? I have been travelling a lot and so many of you have asked me about the products I always carry with me. I don’t really believe in using the body products provided at the hotels as your skin has special needs. During my travels, I always look to carry … Continue reading “Bath & Bubbles”


Lacoste’s 85th Anniversary

Coming from an Army background, I’ve always seen my dad and other officers all my life dressed in smart casuals and collared t-shirts. I particularly always remembered seeing this crocodile logo on dad’s shirt which he regularly wore. Lacoste has been one clothing brand which I have childhood memories attached with and I absolutely love … Continue reading “Lacoste’s 85th Anniversary”



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